5 Fundamentals Startups Need to Succeed

Getting a startup off the ground isn’t easy, but with these design fundamentals, you’ll be able to help your brand fit seamlessly into your customers’ lives.

Industry Noise

It’s not easy to get a startup off the ground these days — there are a number of factors that can keep it from cutting through industry noise.

The way it looks is just one of them, but it’s certainly one of the most critical factors in a world with increasingly short attention spans and ever-expanding expectations.

Why is design important for startups?

Most startups in this day and age have to be reliant on the internet to reach and engage with their potential customers — there are no two ways about it — but with this comes the territory of understanding and adapting to user behaviours.

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If a startup doesn’t align with a customer’s innate behaviours within seconds, it’s tripped over its laces before it’s even set foot on the playing field. This is where design comes in because customers’ online habits and behaviours are based on the best experiences they get in any industry, not just one and certainly not just the one in which you’re operating.

The varied design experiences we get from apps like Uber, Just Eat and Instagram set the precedent for how people expect every design experience to be: easy.

If a design doesn’t make a new experience easy, it won’t become an experience at all.

Even way back in 2012, Google had established that ease of use was “the fastest path to mobile customers” because 74% of people surveyed said they would be more likely to return to a site if it offered a mobile-friendly experience that made their lives easier.

Getting the Basics Right

A thorough consideration of all of these fundamentals will provide a great platform for the design process for your startup. Ignoring them can be disastrous (and has been for many a failed venture), so don’t let a great idea be ruined by bad planning — lead with the design basics first and the rest will follow.

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