The Headspace App Achieves Design Zen

User expectations are high and attention spans are short, so it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the finer details of starting up a business.

The Background

Headspace is a mindfulness app that is focused on improving our digital health by providing digestible meditation sessions that fit right into busy lives.

We’re seemingly living through busier routines than ever before, which means an app like this is perfectly positioned to provide the kind of respite most of us crave.

Does It Work for Its Audience?

The most important point to start with here — and this is critical in such a busy, modern world — is that Headspace’s value proposition is immediately clear from the get-go. It takes seconds to understand that it serves its customers’ needs (you might even argue that it takes half a second, given the suitability of the snappy moniker it goes by — it does what it says on the tin).

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Any app that allows you to sign up in a single screen with form-filling kept to a minimum gets a tick in my book. It gets to the point about what you might need from such an app and isn’t restrictive when it comes to the personal experience; you can answer a short series of nicely designed questions with large icons to personalise the experience from the very beginning, which leaves the first impression that you will get a great user experience out of it.

The basic course offers a smooth introduction to the app and it is clear that there is something for everyone — this is reflected in the variety of the reviews on the app stores, which we’ll come onto a bit later.

How Does It Sit in the Market?

Headspace has come along at a time in which digital health and wellbeing is a hot topic in the tech industry. We all spend plenty of time immersed in some kind of digital experience — so much so that both Google and Apple have recently integrated user-facing usage dashboard features for their phone operating systems. Their idea is to open our eyes to how much we use our devices by giving us stats down to the detail of how many times we’ve unlocked them in any given day, which makes it a perfect time for Headspace to enter the frame.

Headspace has come along at a time in which digital health and wellbeing is a hot topic in the tech industry.

With ‘mindfulness’ being such a buzzword at present, it’s no surprise to see a number of apps emerging in the market. The likes of Calm and Aura are giving you the chance to put you first with quickfire meditative sessions for the digitally obsessed amongst us.